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FakeTaxi - Ava Austen Hard pussy pounding for Ava Austin


Channel - FakeTaxi

Pornstars: Ava Austen

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I picked up this bird on the side of the road dressed in a leather short skirt who introduced herself as Ava Austen. Ava said she had been expecting John, because she wanted to let him fuck her in the ass! John was off that day, so I offered to fill in. Ava wouldn't let me fuck her arse, but she said I could have her pussy and gob, so I parked on over and hopped into the backseat. I got to eating Ava's pussy as she got her tits out, and the dirty bitch played with her nipples as I fingered her cunt. Ava gave me a slurping blowjob next, then rode my cock cowgirl style. She even put a finger in her own arse! After I covered her with a facial, she told me if we ran into each other again I could fuck her arse. I can't wait!

Fake Taxi - Madison Phoenix Lick my pussy & fuck my arse


Channel - FakeHub

Pornstars: Ian Tate,Madison Phoenix

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I was having a pretty bad day, but green-haired slut Phoenix Medina showed up and cheered me up quickly! I had just been forced to replace the suspension, and was out 700 quid, but Phoenix knew just how to cheer an old pervert like me up: she spread her legs and showed me her bald pussy. Since she seemed uninhibited, I asked her if I could join her in the backseat for some fun, and Phoenix consented enthusiastically. She even said if I ate her pussy well, I could fuck her arse! Now I love eating pussy, and I love big, tattooed tits, and I especially love fucking green-haired sluts in the ass, then covering their faces with cum!

Fake Taxi - Ian Tate Rough fuck for sexy Hungarian MILF


Channel - FakeHub

Pornstars: Ian Tate

Post Tags: Hardcore, Reality

I had finished my shift for the day, and thought I’d have a cheeky wank in the backseat of the Fake Taxi, when Tiffany Rousso opened the door. I told her I was off work, but it was raining, so I let her take shelter next to me. Tiffany was a blonde MILF who was visiting England for one week. More interesting to me, she was single, and definitely horny. She sucked my cock in public, then I drove her to a private location so I could lick her big tits, eat her pink pussy, and then cum all over her gorgeous face!

Fake Driving School - Georgie Lyall Mature guy fucks blonde bombshell


The first sign Marc was not your typical FDS student came from how he was dressed: Ryan joked he was on his way to a wedding! The next clue, was Marc’s driving ability. His technique was just too streamlined for him to be a normal student. I questioned him about his skill level andhe admitted that he had been driving for 20 years! Marc owned a transport company, and told me he was doing research on local driving schools. FDS has a waiting list as long as my arm, so I was furious that he was taking the piss. Marc apologized, and offered to make it up to me by doing anything. "Anything?" I asked, before sucking his cock. I love a mature man, and this silver fox pounded my tight pussy all over the Mean Orange Machine, then came on by huge tits!

Fake Taxi - Emma Louise Busty minx offers both tight holes


Emma Louise called me out of the blue and told me to come quick because there was an emergency. I jumped five red lights to get there, but it turns out the "emergency" was that she wanted me to fuck her tight little asshole! I agreed, it was an emergency, especially when she showed me her short skirt unzipped from behind! Emma got her tits out for me while I found somewhere to park, then climbed on top of my cock. After a sloppy blowjob and a two-handed handjob, I warmed her arse up with my fingers and tongue, then...

Fake Taxi - Mia Marin Mexican get cum on glasses

One gorgeous Mexican minx got into the Fake Taxi today. She only had euro on her, which I could not accept, so she asked me if sucking my cock might be better payment. Blowjobs are certainly a currency I will accept, and anyone who knows me knows how much I love Latinas! I found us a quiet spot to pull over while she showed me her tits and arse, then I headed to the backseat where she gave me an enthusiastic blowjob! I fucked her pussy and she gave me a footjob, then I glazed her face with a facial.

FakeTaxi - Petite blonde with big tits gets down and dirty

Pretty blonde Nikky Dream was headed to Central London today when it started raining, so she flagged down the taxi. She told me she was from Prague and it was her first time in London, so I told her about our ancient tradition dating back 250 years: if a passenger flashes the driver her tits, she gets the ride for free. Nikky wasn’t shy, then asked what I would give to fuck her. We agreed to free rides for as long as she was in London, and she got her tits out while I found a quiet spot to pull up. After I ate her pussy and arse nicely, she sucked The Bishop and gave me a tit-wank. I fucked Nikky and it was a dream come true!

Female Fake Taxi - Barbara Bieber Stud gets balls deep in sexy driver

Jason X got into the taxi today and asked me to drive him to to Charles University. I had actually studied at the same school some years earlier, so we got to chatting about it. Jason had an anatomy exam, and was having trouble remembering the Latin names for body parts. I had studied nursing, and was quite good at that subject, so I told him I would quiz him. I got into the backseat and quizzed him on the word for breasts, then took out my boobs. Next was the bum, and last was the pussy. Finally, I asked him if he knew the word for penis, then put his cock in my mouth! All this scientific talk made me very wet, and I rode Jason’s glistening cock until he came on my pussy!

Fake Taxi - Louise Lee

Festive taxi fuck with busty blonde
I picked up Louise Lee, and she was dressed very festive wasn’t she? Looking like a proper Missus Claus she was. Louise was headed to a work party, and was disappointed none of her co-workers were the type to duck into a closet and play with her tits. I told her if it was cock she was after, that she could have a grab of mine, and the saucy minx loved the idea. I got into the backseat and she gave me a horny blowjob, then I ate her pussy. Louise then tongue-fucked my arse which made me harder than diamonds, and I fucked her hard until I covered her with a facial!

FakeDrivingSchool - Sexy squirting anal festive fuck

Alexxa Vice sent me a Santa hat and beard, and asked me to wear them to our lesson so we could go to a Christmas party as soon as we were done. I felt like a right tit wearing them, and was a little miffed when Alexxa showed up 53 minutes late dressed as a sexy Mrs. Claus. Alexxa barely paid attention to the lesson and just kept talking about the party. She showed me she had covered her tits with Christmas pudding pasties, and offered to give me a preview of what the "sexy elf party" had in store. She sucked my cock in the front seat, then let me fuck both her pussy and arse. After making herself squirt with a candy cane dildo, I shoved my yule log into her face's chimney and gave that hoe hoe hoe a white Christmas!

FakeTaxi - Princess Paris

FakeTaxi - Princess Paris

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